Meet Joshua!

Hi, I’m grateful that you’re here! It’s an honor knowing that my efforts have an opportunity to be a catalyst for you. Despite our differences, I’m hopeful my experiences will resonate with you because I believe we can find commonality through the hardships we share. While they aren’t the same, we’ve both endured the yin/yang of life and we both have opportunities moving forward to create harmony within it. If you take anything away from my message, it’s the opportunity cost of a stagnant heart. Don’t allow the pain of your past traumas to inhibit your ability to give/accept love from yourself and others. All of my words come from a place of compassion so if you take anything with you, it’s my insatiable desire to compound the efforts of countless individuals who are sharing what it means to be euflorious around the world!

I have been sick, weak and broke, figuratively. Sure, I have gone through many struggles physically but more importantly, I have suffered mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Insecurities, doubt, and fear have fueled the projection of my judgements upon others, resulting in deeper relationships with sugary foods than some of the sweetest souls I should be getting to know better. There are still days where I feel pitiful and undeserving and if I don’t quickly honor it, I’m easily pulled back into the negativity. Each day brings new challenges that I am more prepared for but they’re not always easy. In fact, the cyclical nature of the universe was one of the first things I learned after transitioning to a euforious lifestyle. The butterfly effect seems dismissable but once you tune into your actions you will begin to see how all of your decisions have multiple reactions of similar respect. Like attracts like, so if you want to liberate yourself from the burden you’re carrying, you have to be willing to break the vicious cycle of poor choices you’re making.

In 2014, after many years of neglecting my well being, I finally accepted that I was already perfect and I began making choices that reflected that! Like many others with a success story in health, I had several symptoms that all dissipated after I began making better choices. Instead of living the story I created of a 200+lb, unhappy and constantly sick man, I rewrote the script to include nourishing my needs instead of my comfort and ego. The actions I took were infinitesimal in the scope of my life but they were monumental in the daily development of my eufloria. Today, I am quicker, sharper and can recall facts and memories with ease. My temple is stronger and more flexible than ever and because of higher energy levels, every morning comes as another day in paradise. In retrospect, there are ample moments throughout my life that prepared me for who I am today but I’ll forever be grateful for the inspiration that I’ve received from Seth and his family. For more details about his story and how ours came together, check them out in the About Eufloria section!

Education & Training

Formally, I received my Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship from WKU but most of my education has been influenced by the universal laws of nature that I’ve observed. For instance, when a vegetable and/or fruit stops growing, it’s ripe and ideal to eat. Although, for that piece of produce, being ripe is also the predecessor of decomposition. With that being said, I approach every situation and person as an opportunity to learn from them because I have seen the detriments of an idle mind and/or body. I’m constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge and skillset and have been an active leader in organizations like Sigma Nu and Enactus as well as other volunteer organizations. Most recently, I spent a year studying online at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition with some of the world’s top leaders in holistic health to receive a certification as a health coach and I also invested in a 25 day immersion to study the art and science of yoga as a certified yoga teacher. I’m also currently enrolled in a course from Microbiome Mastery so that I can curate plans specifically for clients with gut imbalances and beyond that, I am looking at a program in ayurveda! Whether it’s another sanctioned course or a lifetime of meditation, to become the catalyst I dream of, I embrace the commitment of constant growth.

A Healthier You Awaits.