Polluted Placenta

It’s literally up to us, humanity, the consumers of this toxic world, to stop supporting the organizations that are consciously choosing profits over people.

It’s not easy addressing the uncomfortable issues in ourselves and within society but it’s even more difficult to have a perspective that challenges a parent!   As a father, I can say for certain that my partner and I want what is best for our child and I know countless other parents that are striving every single day to provide and care for their children.  Although, regardless of how much we want to raise a healthy child, the reality of it is that most babies are born with hundreds of industrial chemicals, pesticides and pollutants.

There’s no controversy regarding the havoc that toxins wreak in/on our bodies and after decades of studies, we know how and where from they originate, so I’m hopeful that through this article and others, we can work towards making the world more euflorious, if not for us then for our kid’s sake.  This post is a shout out to the Environmental Working Group for their efforts protecting our people and planet!  Check out the study below on how babies are “pre-polluted” by the time they enter the world!

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and environment. For years they have been researching issues from consumer products to farming practices and using the findings to educate people, organizations and fellow researchers around the world!

Toxins in the umbilical cord

In a 2004 study, the Environmental Working Group worked with 10 consenting mothers to look at the blood of umbilical cords.  The laboratories found an average of 200 industrial compounds, ranging from mercury to BPA in the child’s cord blood.  This is alarming because the items that contain these toxic chemicals are everywhere and contrary to the current mentality on individual safety of each respective item, there is very little research on the effect of compounded toxicity from multiple sources.  To be more clear, the studies performed that say what level of a toxic chemical is safe for each individual item do not take into account the impacts of multiple toxicants from the various things around us.

“The combined evidence suggests that neurodevelopmental disorders caused by industrial chemicals has created a silent epidemic in modern society” – Lancet, 2008

The traditional school of thought by pediatricians and scientists was that the placenta could filter out toxic chemicals and protect the child but in fact, the study confirmed that industrial pollution begins in the womb.  Here are a few facts about the pollutants found in the study:

  • 134 of them had been shown to cause cancer in laboratory studies or in people
  • 151 associated with causing birth defects
  • 154 caused hormone disruption
  • 186 linked to infertility
  • 130 are toxic to the immune system
  • As well as neurotoxins like lead, PCB’s and mercury that are known to have profound effects on a developing child

Before you rush to detoxify your body, the good news is that just because a toxic chemical is found in you, it does not necessarily mean that your cells have been damaged.  The takeaway is that because of the nature of these toxic chemicals, it’s best to limit your exposure to them by being mindful of your surroundings and where thing things you engage with are sourced.  It’s extremely important to note that you should not do a deep detox within 3 months (minimum) of conceiving a child.  This article is not meant to scare or shame you for the toxic load you carry but to inform you and hopefully contribute to the health of the generations to come. 

Check out the “10 Americans” video on YouTube:

Video: “10 Americans” by Environmental Working Group


Eufloriously yours, Joshua Shuck

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