As research on microbes continues to surface, we are positioned to be the transparent voice that bridges the gap between the scientific text and how one can apply it in their daily life.  We understand that every individual has their own journey to wellness that they must walk down and we want to guide them as best as possible!  With that being said, we are preparing to tackle the universal challenges that people face when transitioning to a euflorious lifestyle.

  • Money: Contrary to the perspective that many have, it’s actually more affordable to be euflorious, sometimes it’s just an immediate gratification.  Take a look at some of our articles at Club Catalyst for ways to become a prosumer with your health!  Instead of wondering why something is so expensive, ask yourself why some “foods” are so cheap!
  • Convenience:  In today’s society, things happen pretty quickly and it’s trained us to expect certain results immediately!  Our goal is to make health as convenient as possible and that’s why we are creating as much transparency as possible into communities around the world, showcasing the products and services that are euflorious.  Check out The 5 Star Atlas to see your market and let us know if there’s a person, product or service that should be featured!
  • Labels: The marketplace is teeming with advertisements that have healthy terms labeled in bold and it can be very overwhelming!  Not only are we building a guide to help you better understand the labels that are currently being marketed, we are working on our own!

Our aim is to cultivate Community Supported Eufloria, city by city, building a network of people and organizations that all work together towards the greater health and wealth of our universe and its people.  The next phase of the website is growing our network of affiliates as well as creating rich content that serves as a catalyst on your journey.  Beyond that, we are working towards developing an international club, where the members of each respective community have am environment that safe and conducive to their growth.  This space would not only help individuals in each area of The 5 Star Plate, but it will also be an outlet for them to serve others in their community.  Our goal is create a true community space, where everyone gets a return on their investment, as incentivized member-owners.

We are currently reinvesting our profits into the website to improve user functionality and ROI for our affiliates.  Below is a list of how we intend on developing this site:

  • Redesigning Club Catalyst layout
    • To create more appealing content and to increase user engagement, we are going to upgrade the traditional blog layout to a tile-based page, to feature and share more content.  The proposed layout will look and flow much better.
    • To encourage users to “be about it” we will install a calendar feature where members can post events to the community board.
  • Adding more functionality to the Atlas / Club Catalyst searches
    • The best data-driven sites are easy to navigate!  We are going to add geo-mapping / zip code to improve searching.
    • We will also add a keyword search to increase search results.
  • Improving member functionality
    • Members will be able to socialize and engage within their community.  We are also working on a rewards based system to encourage euflorious actions.
  • Marketplace
    • Featuring the best items and services, the marketplace is the source for euflorious prosumers.

A Healthier You Awaits.