Our Euflorious Affiliates are pioneering their respective industries/niches/communities because they CARE! The best return on your investments are with purchases from Eufloria Affiliates!


We want to establish affiliations universally, to create a global Atlas of conscious and compassionate businesses and organizations.  Whether it’s their exceptional customer service, quality in sourcing, environmental consciousness or their philanthropic nature, we are grateful for the individuals behind the myriad euflorious businesses out there.  It’s not always the most profitable route, and that’s why we respect them and are working so hard to make the market more transparent for all parties.  If you own, work for, or know a business or organization that would benefit from an affiliation with Eufloria, please connect with us below.


Eufloria is striving to educate, empower and encourage people everywhere to be healthier and happier.  Through these three pillars, our goal is to integrate into communities around the world and facilitate both sides of the market so that we can all thrive.  Join The 5 Star Atlas for free to connect with euflorious prosumers who are seeking to level up their life.

Karma Affiliate: If you believe your business or organization is euflorious you can submit your information for a free lifetime listing!  Please note that the Karma Affiliate Listing is limited to 1000 characters, 1 photo, your directory information/business and applicable keywords.  In the spirit of sharing your information on our behalf, we simply ask that you pay it forward however you can.  If you’d like to send a gift card or certificate to Eufloria, we’d love to use it for incentives/promotions in your community.  Please mail to:


PO Box 43254

Louisville, KY 40235

Any products/or store credit that you send will be used exclusively for marketing purposes such as raffles, event promotions and rewards for our incentive program that’s being developed.

Certified Affiliate: Businesses or organizations must be certified to collaborate with Eufloria and it’s members. To become certified, all business information will be verified by a Eufloria representative (Eufloria Certification rolling out in 2020) and must be maintained with a minimum of 3 stars and a commitment to being euflorious. For $108 annually, all certified affiliates benefit from a few noticeable changes to their 5 Star listing including: unlimited text, photo gallery, ad blocker as well as access to post blogs on Club Catalyst, our community forum.  After becoming a certified affiliate, you will also have the option to sponsor/place ads on site and at events and most importantly, add video to your create more transparency in why people should be prosuming with you!


Eufloria is a niche platform holding space for prosumers and businesses to thrive.  Because we are serving both sides of the marketplace, we are strengthening our position as a resource and guide in healthcare and steadily contributing to people making positive changes around the world.  As an affiliate, your business/organization will benefit from meeting new individuals and families and increased engagement with current supporters.  Not only is it a extremely affordable from a marketing perspective but it’s an honorable commitment towards the future of our world!

A Healthier You Awaits.