Cloth Diapers: Are they for you?!

I am here to share with you my experience with cloth diapering and what I learned using both cloth and disposable diapers!

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was (and still am, now a bit more humble) about doing all of the things eco-friendly, sustainable and natural. I followed every mama and pregnancy guru that inspired me and was set on having a home birth, using cloth diapers and strictly breastfeeding, etc. Boy, was I in for the greatest reality check ever. The reality of it is, every woman is going to have a completely different pregnancy and first time mom experience. We may share similar situations and symptoms, however, the way we experience those moments is completely unique to each of us. So try your best, mama, not to judge or “mom shame” yourself when your expectations fly out of the window. I think all mama’s can agree on that, right?

I 100% believe that cloth diapering is the way to go IF:
a) it fits into your daily routine and schedule
b) you have the patience and are fully committed
c) you get the right materials

Here is my advice on being more prepared for cloth diapering:

First things first, you want to make sure you do your homework on the brands, different sizes and types of cloth diapers. I had very little knowledge about the importance of which brand and fit worked best for baby. Most of the cloth diapers we had were donated to us by another mama who worked with our doula, so we had a variety of brands and styles. I also just chose whatever was amazon’s “best choice” when picking ones out for my baby shower registry, so as you can see I totally set myself up for success…NOT! Lol.

Secondly, be sure to invest in a baby diaper spraying kit. This is essential for the cleaning poopy diapers without making a mess. I had zero clue this kind of thing even existed but, we purchased one, tried it out for a day, and STILL it was just not for me!  It was a hose that you could connect to the water line on your toilet but we didn’t have the best success at removing soiled diapers.  You can also purchase or make a chute, that sets over your toilet, where the diaper can be clipped inside and all of the water sprays into the bowl.  We ended up switching back to disposable before purchasing this item. Lastly, be sure to use the proper laundry detergent that is specifically for cloth diapers. By using the wrong detergent, build up will start to form and then you’ll experience leaking diapers, like we did. There are tons of websites (that I wish I would have referenced too) that have information on which detergents are then best, how to strip cloth diapers, and everything on how to have a successful experience.

Thirdly, work on your flow! Cloth diapering is obviously more work but if you aren’t willing to flow with the learning curve you will start to resent the process. Whether it’s for the environment or your checkbook, you will find the most joy the more you practice. You will likely need to re-purpose a container and have a system in place that addresses your needs. For instance, we added a wet diaper bin next to the changing table and as soon as we could, we would take all dirty diapers to the “toilet station” to be rinsed. 

Unfortunately my experience was short lived!

With all that being said, my expectation on having the most euflorious cloth diapering experience flew out the window about 2 weeks in. Yup, I was completely over it after blowout number 3, constant leaking, and not being fully prepared for the extra work that came with cleaning and prepping each diaper. I will admit though, my lack of research prior to starting cloth diapers and my declining interest in trying to keep up with it were major attributes to me switching back over to disposable diapers. To top it off, I spoke to one of my super euflorious mama friends who had a similar experience and had to switch back to disposable diapers. She gave me a few samples of an eco-conscious and chemically free diaper to try. Likewise, I thought it was time for me to do some research to figure out what disposable diapers on the market met were affordable while also meeting our standards.

While doing my homework, my main emphasis was the importance of the quality of diapers I chose. My biggest questions were:

a. Does the cost fit into our budget?
b. How secure is the leakage protection ?
c. Is it free of chemicals and toxins?
d. Are the materials eco-conscious?
e. Is the manufacturing mindful and cruelty free?

I found a few brands that aligned with what we were looking for and after being able to actually sample them, we put in our order for Earth and Eden Diapers. When I got my hands on one of these, the very first thing that I noticed was how incredibly soft they felt; probably one of the softest diapers ever, in my opinion! I also really enjoy the fact that each of the diapers has a yellow line down the middle that turns blue when it has been soiled. Plus, not only are they free from harsh chemicals and ingredients, they also have a hypoallergenic inner liner to keep my little guy dry and comfortable.

So far we have had a great experience with Earth and Eden and are happy with our choice based on our current needs. Just remember, there’s always an alternative and thankfully we have so many high quality options to choose from! I’m hopeful that my experience is helpful in your own journey through parenthood!

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