⏳ The Alchemy of Bliss: An Evening with tonic elixers & meditation. 1.23.19

Taoism is a spiritual and cultural tradition with Shamanic roots originating in ancient China. Come experience the restorative and healing power of Taoist tonic herbs and two simple yet powerful Taoist practices to access your internal resources for self healing, balancing and awakening.

8:30pm – Arrival and Tonic Elixirs Served
8:45pm – Interactive talk with Rehmannia on Taoist herbs for rejuvenation.
9:45pm – Short Break with Sacred Blue Lotus Tea.
10:00pm – Guided healing and self awakening practices with Rachael Johnson.

Join Master Herbalist Rehmannia Dean Thomas and Internal Alchemy teacher Rachael Johnson (all the way from CA) for an unforgettable evening of ancient plants and wisdom to unlock your inner potential. This is a non-religious event welcoming to all faiths.

$15 Suggested Donation // No need to sign up, just show up!

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