The Weekly Juicery Brownsboro (inside Heine Bros)

My friend and neighbor Elizabeth and I took turns making juice for each other in our kitchens in October of 2011. We took turns making juice daily because making great juice takes time and effort. One day I was waiting on her to deliver my juice and I thought to myself how unbelievable it was to have cold-pressed juice delivered to my doorstep. No sourcing mountains of produce, no prepping vegetables, no messy juice extraction and no clean-up… Just delicious cold-pressed juice delivered to my door. How could we make great, healthy juice convenient?

Our first customer was easy. My friend Mollie Brennan (thanks Mollie!) asked me to make my juice for her, too. We said yes indeed with one condition. She had to drink one juice each day Monday through Friday. We made the juice each day and delivered it right to her office. Our condition was based on the power of repeating healthy choices. One juice is great, but 5 juices in a week is a game changer for your health and well-being.

The rest is history as our Weekly Juice program grew to nearly 80 customers in less than 2 months. Fast forward to 2016, and we’re still growing and growing! We have juice bars in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati and over 200 Weekly Juice Customers. In addition to cold-pressed juices we’ve added fresh smoothies, juice cleanses, shots and raw foods to our lineup.

Product and service overview:
The Weekly Juicery is a USDA Certified Organic cold-pressed juice bar featuring fresh raw juices, superfood smoothies and delicious, raw foods. Our products are nutrient-dense, made with care and love without the use of preservatives, additives or refinements. We mindfully choose to make alive products…no pasteurization or HPP treatment to extend the shelf life. Our bodies deserve and will ultimately demand fresh fruits and vegetables. Our mission is to make eating and living healthy convenient. We offer a weekly juice delivery program and a guided juice cleanse program. Make a healthy investment in you and visit one of our three locations today. If you haven’t considered drinking a vegetable you’ll have to trust us!
The Weekly Juicery is the ONLY USDA Certified Organic juice bar shipping alive, raw, vegetable-based juices straight to your door. Join The Juice Ritual program and chase good health with us!


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