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What’s your story?

“I always knew I wanted to help others. I believe that desire came from my grandmother who started Operation Care in Shelbyville, KY. Growing up I spent a lot of time helping in the thrift store, soup kitchen, and women’s shelter. She showed me what it’s like to care about others before myself and I never looked back. Playing sports year round most of my life I originally thought I wanted to become a physical therapist or athletic trainer but once I got to college I explored my other options. My dad was getting acupuncture on his back at the time so I researched it more and have loved it more ever since. I love being able to treat the whole person, taking into consideration the many different aspects that contribute to their quality of life.”

Product and service overview:

“I am offering a Holistic approach to living a higher quality life. Treatments mainly consist of using acupuncture needles but can also include cupping, moxibustion, guasha, e-stim, and body work. Patients often come in for pain relief, sleep, anxiety, digestive issues, etc. Acupuncture takes what your body already knows how to do and enhances the process. It increases blood flow and oxygen to give your body more of what it needs (oxygen) and less of what it doesn’t (stagnation). Although many people come in as a last resort, Chinese Medicine is a preventative maintenance therapy so I often educate patients on why it is important to get treatment even when they’re feeling good. I am offering improved quality of life by allowing your body, mind, and spirit to function more efficiently.”


“My competitive advantage is practicing Chinese medicine which has been around for over two thousand years. In 2012 I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY. After graduating from Georgetown College I moved to Colorado where I completed a 4 year Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College. I studied both acupuncture and Chinese herbology at Southwest Acupuncture College so I can also prescribe Chinese herbal formulas. I am now NCCAOM certified and licensed through the Kentucky Medical Board of Licensure.”

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What makes you euflorious?

“I take the time to educate patients on their diagnosis, how acupuncture can help them, and why it’s important to incorporate positive lifestyle modifications that will contribute to the improvement of their quality of life. Not only do I take the time to educate but I take the time to listen to the patient and show them I truly care for them and what they’re going through. Quality rapport between patient and practitioner is important. My priority as a practitioner is the patient so I take the time to refer out when necessary. It is often a combination of therapies and self-care that create a higher quality of life.”

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