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Earth Runners grew organically out of a need for natural footwear in an age where shoes that actually promote health are hard to come by. The Earth Runners design is in a continual evolutionary flux through crowd sourced feedback and our persistent research development & engineering team. We strive to create eco-conscious sandals that allow for excellent adhesion to the foot, while facilitating natural articulation and connection to the earth though grounding.


To help reconnect our tribe with the natural world and reestablish a healthful foundation of normalized biological function.


One day founder Mike Dally found himself on a far out adventure with miles of rugged trails between him and his car. On his feet were flip-flops, a sorely inadequate footwear for traversing the rough terrain! Being an engineer and creative tinkerer, he emptied his pack and surveyed the tools at his disposal with dismay. Nothing seemed of use until he happened on an old roll of athletic tape that had been banging around in his bag for years. Could he use the tape to secure his sandals better? After some experimentation he settled on a design he liked and took off at top speed. Not only did his improvised footgear do the trick, it excelled! Mike became passionate about trail running in sandals and soon came across the super running Tarahumara Natives of the Copper Canyons who employed a simple, time-tested sandal design. The vitality of these barefoot runners set Mike on the path of making barefoot adventure sandals that maintain our connection while allowing us to explore.

The Way of Barefoot

The Earth Runners team has continued to rewild our lifestyles ever honing in on a more ancestraly based approach to our health, happiness and community. As a result we have been spending more and more time in the dirt, outsourcing less of our movement to modern technology. This has involved traversing on foot ever greater distances over all of Earth’s geology and hydrology to keep our soles strong and free. Barefoot protection such as provided by huarache sandals increases the range one in is able to cover, while maintaining proprioceptive acuity. The minimal and timeless huarache sandal design undoubtedly had a positive effect on successful hunting and the proliferation of our ancestry. Earth Runners offer balanced protection and ground feel featuring our grounded conductive laces™ that mimic the primal experience of being barefoot. We are honored to help preserve the ancient lifeway of living afoot while offering barefoot sovereignty to others looking to maintain their primal connection.

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