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What’s your story?

“I actually started as a Child Empath. A Rainbow Baby born to a mother who was born with the “veil” over her face; I was the 5th pregnancy and the only one to survive. Throughout my life I was hyper-sensitive to the energy of others and sought ways to “desensitize”. However, my efforts led to my accepting that I am an Empath. April 2010, I began the process of Changing My Mind to Change My Life. By 2012, Emotional Physical Therapy was founded with a vision of integrating Eastern & Western practices. Initially, she looked for “scientific” methods to overcome challenging emotions, attitudes, and negativity. Ultimately, her journey led to Her Purpose for Being Born: to Educate; Equip and Empower as She travels her life path.”

Product and service overview:

Emotional Physical Therapy is a Process for healing. We provide coaching education and certification; online learning; and resources for coaches. Our clients are individuals who are tired of going from coach-to-coach looking for a “fix”. Clients are ready to do the work necessary to live their lives. Upon completion of the full 180 Day program; clients are equipped to live the best version of themselves.

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What makes Dr. Danielle euflorious?

“Dr. Danielle practices what she teaches! I am most proud of the actual changed mindsets of clients. My objective is to equip people so that they are not dependent upon a coach for years on end. Clients love that they discover their innate strength to overcome challenging emotions, attitudes, and negativity. ”


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