Regardless of age, shape, color and history, no matter what plate we’re given, there is always opportunity to be more Euflorious. The 5 Star Plate is a simple and natural way to balance the portions of your life. The universal application of it makes it available to anyone to use, yet the customization of each portion allows for each individual to focus on their unique needs.

The 5 Star Plate is a universal tool that aligns with the needs of each person’s respective body and lifestyle, designed to help them live a healthier and happier life. It’s foundation is rooted in the fact that we are all human and require similar means of survival but more importantly, we are all unique and thrive when we tune into the specific needs of our life. We now live in an era where integrating the advancements of Western Medicine with the holistic approach of Eastern Medicine are essential for one’s eufloria! By using the 5 Star Plate, you will have more options to comprehensively address all areas of your life. As you begin exploring your eufloria, here are some things to consider:

  • Bio-individuality: Your healthcare plan should be just as unique as you are. Everything from the microbes that inhabit you, your heartbeat and the neuro-pathways in your brain are completely unique to you, so you need to be patient with learning what exactly works for you!
  • Butterfly-effect: When it comes to your health, your lifestyle (the thoughts/actions you make daily) are monumental, at the cellular level, towards the development or deconstruction of your eufloria. The depth of the definition behind the butterfly effect is realistic when you consider what happens when the body ingests processed sugar for instance. A small amount triggers many negative functions in the body and what seems like a quick pick me up for your afternoon, can be catastrophic deep within your body.
  • Balance: Everything is connected in the body. Sometimes targeting one area of your body can affect parts you weren’t intending. Be patient with yourself and don’t underestimate what you can do overtime. We often overestimate what we can get done in a year and underestimate the power of practice and progress over 5 years. Life is cyclical in many ways, so be mindful of when your thoughts and actions begin spiraling downwards, as like attracts like.

Your approach to being more euflorious will take you on a fabulous journey. The suggestions here are simple and can be added to the average person’s day. Taking your health a step further requires you to be mindful of what you’re consuming and if it’s consuming you! Everyday in the marketplace, we have the opportunity to direct our energy in places that reciprocate a return on our investment. You have SO much opportunity to spend your money on products and services that yield a higher reward and that’s why we have developed The Atlas. To be a prosumer with your health, consider supporting the businesses and organizations that work hard to support you!

So what’s on your plate?

Have you broken down each portion of your life recently?

Similar to the notion that you within your diet you need fats, carbs, protein as well as vitamins and minerals, being euflorious requires you to balance the different portions of your life. Below is some food for thought on each portion of The 5 Star Plate as well as a handful of ingredients that we like to incorporate into ours!


Your mind is a supercomputer- you can rewrite the code, immerse yourself into the action of your user, or sit back and enjoy the the screen! This portion of the plate balances your mental health.

Mindfulness ~ Stress management ~ Education ~ Journaling ~ Transparency


There are myriad things intimately connected to you and responding because of you within in any given situation. This portion of your plate balances yourself and how the world interacts with you.

Connect with nature ~ Socialize with positive people ~ Work / life balance ~ Avoid toxic products ~ Clean & Comfortable home


Take time digesting your life and realize that you always have the power to transform it! This portion of your plate balances your digestive and more specifically, gut heath.

Eat whole, plant-based foods ~ Prebiotics / probiotics ~ Avoid what inflames you ~ Chew more effectively ~ Proper dental hygiene


Tune into the flow around you and deepen your connections with things that recharge you! This portion of your plate balances your energy.

Sleep ~ Sunlight ~ Self Love ~ Art / Creativity ~ Acceptance


It’s not just about how you feel, it’s about how you’re functioning! This portion of your plate balances your physical body and the material things you possess.

Structure & Organization ~ Strength & Flexibility ~ Cardio / Exercise ~ Posture / Spinal Care ~ Consistency

*This approach does not replace the need for Western medicine but rather complements how you can identify the lifestyle factors that work best with your bio-individuality and address the root of any issues you have before they cause further imbalances. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle!


Create your 5 Star Plate here

Since language and wording can impact the result of our manifestations, it’s important to focus on what you want instead of thinking about the habits/factors that you don’t want in your life.

Struggling to be more euflorious?

 If you are seeking liberation from anything that isn’t serving you, we respectfully implore that you explore your eufloria. We all need a little catalyst from time to time and you deserve to be healthier and happier! If you are humble enough to say that you could use a guide and accountability partner, we’d love to connect with you.  Our personal coaching services are virtual, so you can engage with us in your own space. It’s not easy being vulnerable, especially with a stranger, but it’s essential to be open and honest with yourself if you want to rise above old patterns. The key to working with a health coach is your willingness to do the work on your own, while allowing another to guide you through the process.

What you can expect:

    • A personalized approach, catered to your needs and desires
    • 1 hour virtual session, every other week
    • 3-5 objectives per session, to facilitate your goals
    • Daily journaling for more awareness and accountability
    • Tips, recipes, and resources in your area that can keep you going

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