What’s on your Plate?

How to be euflorious:

The 5 Star Plate is a universal tool for a healthier and happier life that aligns with the needs of each person’s respective body and lifestyle.  The philosophy has taken several years to develop and offers individuals a more options and success with their healthcare by integrating advancements in Western Medicine with the holistic approach of Eastern Medicine.  As you begin exploring your eufloria, here are some things to consider:

  • Bio-individuality: Your healthcare plan should be just as unique as you are.  Everything from the microbes that inhabit you, your heartbeat and the neuro-pathways in your brain are completely unique to you, so you need to be patient with learning what exactly works for you!
  • Butterfly-effect: When it comes to your health, your lifestyle (the thoughts/actions you make daily) are monumental, at the cellular level, towards the development or deconstruction of your eufloria.
  • Balance: Everything always works out.  Be patient with yourself and don’t underestimate what you can do overtime vs right now.  Life is cyclical in many ways, so be mindful of when your thoughts and actions being spiraling downwards.

Similar to the notion that you within your diet you need fats, carbs, protein as well as vitamins and minerals, being euflorious requires you to balance the different portions of your life:

*This approach does not replace the need for Western medicine but rather complements how you can identify the lifestyle factors that work best with your bio-individuality and address the root of any issues you have before they cause further imbalances.  Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle!

A Healthier You Awaits.