Seth and his oldest child, Bennett

With tears forming, my oldest friend faced me to express that he wouldn’t give up on his children. Six months prior, Seth’s son, Bennett, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder along with other symptoms, indicating that he was at risk for developing Autism.   After learning more about gut health, Seth and Gabby carefully transitioned their family’s diet to incorporate more whole, plant-based foods.  Within that 6 month window, Bennett’s pediatricians noticed his growth and were amazed that he was now communicating and reading at the level of his peers!  Because of their empowered perspective and discipline, Seth and Gabby have been an inspiration to myself and countless others as well as a catalyst in cultivation and development of Eufloria.

Within weeks of that night on my back porch, I had invested hours researching online journals and articles, eventually leading me to the emerging science of the human microbiome and it’s connection not only to autism but countless other chronic issues and diseases.  Whether by causation or correlation, one’s health is intricately linked to the microbes that inhabit them and within minutes the composition/quantity can change in response to their lifestyle choices.

Copyright of Dr. Seuss film, “Horton Hears a Who”

The more I immersed myself into the world of the microbiome, the more I began understanding the true nature of the world around me.  I vividly recall imagining this shifted perspective like the movie, “Horton Hears a Who”, finally giving scale to the depth of the universe and knowing that every move I make, can lead to an earthquake in “Whoville”.  This newfound realization was the affirmation I needed to build the foundation for helping others making healthier choices, on thought/action at time, showing them the true implications of “the butterfly effect”.



A Healthier You Awaits.